B2 Weds Night Mix – October 6, 2021

The Show That Never Was

Fund-driving along the night highway…hopefully bringing in some bucks for KFPA. All over the map tonight, from Harlan to Dreamland…and the dreamiest 8 minutes and 23 seconds: 11:49-11:58pm courtesy of Arvo Pärt.

B2 Weds Night Mix – Sept 29, 2021

Being nice, helping, empathy, helpless, hopeless, and feeling all the feelings. Big Questions from Jackson Browne, Elvis Costello/Allan Toussaint, plus Brett Dennon’s Paul Newman Daytona Rolex.

B2 Weds Night Mix – Sept 22 2021

It’s Fall! It’s the KPFA Fall Fund Drive! There’s music about music on the radio (I know…real original!) But also Aaron Lee Tasjan, Abbey Lincoln, Jason Isbell, Childish Gambino, Mahalia Jackson, Marlene Deitrich, among other friends!

B2 Weds Night Mix – August 25, 2021

A bunch of songs from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s…and covers of old songs.

Goodbye to Tom T Hall, Michael Morgan and Don Everly. A passing reference to the SF GIants and their majestic (so far) season!